Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday. Get Organized!

Hey all! It's me Kara, here again with another useful tidbit for you. I have clutter, and I hate it. I have managed to get more clutter since my son has started school. Do they really have to send that many papers home with him a day?? I love the website www.mommysavers.com Each Tuesday they have what they call Tackle it Tuesday, and it has helped me so much in getting rid of clutter and paper. You can sign up for Tackle it Tuesday and get helpful tips and hits to help you out. SUCH a lifesaver for me, now let's just hope I can keep up with it..LOL. I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday and are staying warm...if you live in a state that has once again been hit by snow,ice,sleet,freezing rain...like me here in Ohio. Don't forget to come back and comment below what you think of www.mommysaver.com and let me know if it's helped you out!!



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