Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tidbit Thursday!

Hello Everyone, It's Kate here bringing you a Tidbit Thursday!!! When I think of October and fall, I think of soups, stews, and sweets. So today I thought I would share a family favorite at our house. Sorry, they were eaten before pictures so try to visualize!!! (I'll update as soon as I make more and share a picture)

Chocolate Caramel Apples
Granny Smith Apples
Popsicle Sticks
Vanilla Chips
Caramel brick
Oreo (or other candy or cookies)

Wash and dry your apples. Stick the popsicle stick into the apple at the top. Melt your caramel. I buy mine at the kitchen store in a brick. It's the best kind of caramel. I also melt it in the microwave!!! Coat the apple and stick on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Dip as many apples as you need. Place in the fridge for 15 minutes to set.

Melt vanilla chips in the microwave at 50% heat. Continue to stir frequent (every 20 seconds). Now I love the vanilla chips. I also buy these at the kitchen store. Friends of mine use white chocolate instead. I prefer the vanilla chips because with everything else, it's not as sweet and rich. Coat the carameled apple. Let it sit a few minutes. Then I take the filling out of the Oreos and crush them. Then I sprinkle or roll the apples in that. To die for!!!

Another favorite but not my hubby's is to roll it in a cinnamon/sugar mixture. This is called "Apple Pie". Try it soon!!!!


New Releases at Polka Dot Plum--20% Off Today!

Here's a little blog freebie for my loyal blog followers--a coordinating alpha that matches Cuppycakes perfectly! Enjoy! ♥

Have a great week!
~Jennifer ♥


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sneak Peek!!

Hello Everyone,
Kate here bringing this wonderful Sneak Peek. I LOVE this kit. It is in the top of my list of Jennifer's favorite kits. Love the colors, love the elements, just LOVE it!!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Finally {Freebie} Friday!!!

Woot! I am so excited for the weekend. No plans. Just laying around, hanging out with the kids, cleaning the house and watching football... my favorite kind of weekend!!! What are your plans?

Jennifer and Amanda made this beautiful kit Fall Frolic and I hope to scrap a few pages with it while I am relaxing this weekend.

In the meantime, I have made this frame for you using Jennifer's part of this fabulous kit. I hope it helps you to get started on a page of your own. Just click on the frame below! If you download and use the frame, please link us up to your layout!


Till next time!!!!


Tidbit Thursday

Busy, busy, busy! That’s what I am. Oh, and I am Mandy aka chastml. This time of year just seems to get more and more hectic. Especially this year, my oldest started Kindergarten and there is so much paperwork, activities and homework. He came home with his second “family” assignment for us to complete for a bigger class activity. At least his teacher gave us a week to complete it.

The first project wasn’t so bad – a scrapbook page – I couldn’t have gotten any luckier. This time, we have to decorate a scarecrow, name him and write a story about him. The whole family has to be involved. My 3 year old is so looking forward to it. We have to wait until this weekend to do it, because I don’t know if I have the right kind of supplies to do the job at the right skill level.

You don’t think his teacher would mind if I do it hybrid by printing digital papers and having the kids cut clothes out of them, do you? I don’t have the suggested bird seed, straw, beans, string, thread, buttons, macaroni, etc. I’m starting to feel that I’m not very domestic. I do have some pasta; do you think vegetable rotini might work? The only buttons I have are brightly colored scrapbook buttons. The scarecrow might be more effective in bright colors though. Hmmm…some ideas. I just don’t think the pink is quite the color my son would want on his scarecrow though.

I’m also hosting my first ever House Party this month. My guests will be making 3x3 photo albums. I see an opening to lure some of my papercrafting friends over to the darkside. Mwahaha. Errr…I mean, I think this might be the perfect opportunity to show my friends how easy it is to create meaningful gifts and preserve memories by using their computers. Yeah, that’s it.

My son’s school is having a Fall Festival the week of Halloween. I need to get costumes for all three of the kids, because that’s what you do at Fall Festivals – dress up and take home the candy your mom, and the mom’s (and dad's) of all the other kids at the school, donated. He’s really got his heart set on bringing home those M&M’s too. My husband thinks our youngest daughter should be this for Halloween:

Don’t you think that’s mean? The 3 year old originally wanted to be a fairy, you know the one, but now wants to either be a dragon or a banana. I can’t explain it, so don’t ask. The Kindergartner has expressed almost no interest in dressing up. I can’t explain that either. Usually, he loves it.

And that’s just October. There are family get-togethers throughout the month of November. My youngest’s first birthday is in December, a mere two weeks before Christmas. The Christmas I haven’t even begun to shop for or create gifts for or even think about for that matter. Then, I have my wedding anniversary on New Year's Day. So, that’s what’s keeping me busy these next few months. I have a feeling there are going to be lots more things popping up, like this scarecrow assignment. Here’s to all of us making it through the last quarter of the year with a positive attitude and our sanity! (Anyone have any tips on how to accomplish that? I could sure use some!)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Release Wednesday at Polka Dot Plum!!!

This week I have lots of new goodies in my shop at Polka Dot Plum! I've added some new touches and revamped one of my fave first kits ever, and now I have {Another} Crush On You. I'm also bringing you 2 brand new Pretty Bloggies to dress up your blogs fast. These are super simple and give you a great way to customize your blog in a hurry. Last but not least, I've come up with 2 great basic stamped alphas from My Stamp Collection.

All New Releases are 20% TODAY ONLY!!! Don't miss out! Have a wonderful week!!! ♥
~Jennifer ♥


Monday, October 12, 2009

Sneak Peek and a hybrid freebie!

Hello digiscrappers! Stephanie here and I wanted to give you a quick peek at something coming soon to Jennifer's shoppe at Polka Dot Plum! Have you checked out the new digs? I sure hope so! PDP is a fun place to hang out and full of yummy goodies... check this out!

Pretty yummy huh? It's my first attempt at making a "peek", so it doesn't really do this justice, but trust me, you'll want to look for this in her shoppe Wednesday!

And with Halloween right around the corner, I thought I'd make you a little hybrid freebie fit for the occasion. I never paper scrapped, but became interested in hybrid scrapping. I know hybrid intimidates some people, but after seeing how easy it can be, you'll be hooked too. So if you've been wanting to dip you toe into "hybrid" waters, start out with an easy peasy one like this!

All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, a stapler or tape and a plastic sandwich bag full of goodies. You can print one or two of these on a page (I prefer cardstock) then cut them out, fold in half and attach the bag inside by stapling or taping it. This makes a great and inexpensive treat (I'm a teacher and can say I LOVE getting these goodies from my students)!

Enjoy! Click HERE to download!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Spotlight Featuring Annie

Hi! Coila here with another Sunday Spotlight! Well I spend way too much time in the galleries. I just get so lost in there looking at all of the amazing pages!! There are so many gorgeous galleries but today I decided to feature one of Jennifer's newest team memebers Annie (AnnieBananie)! You must check out her gallery... AMAZING!

Here are a few of my favorite pages from her:

Gorgeous right? I left links to the pages so make sure to leave some love for Annie!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Bye for now :)


Friday, October 9, 2009

Freebie!!! Template

Hello Digi Scrapbooks,
Kate here bringing you a little freebie for this Friday!! I took my Fall Fun layout and decided to make you a template. I used this with Jennifer's Fall Frolic kit. Enjoy this template. Be sure to link us up in the comments of how you used to used to give ya some love!!!

Here's my layout!

Click HERE to download!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tidbit Thursday

::tap, tap:: Is this thing on? It is? Ok, thanks! ::clears throat:: Bear with me readers, this is my (Leila) first blog post for for Jennifer as a full-time member of her Creative Team. ::does happy dance:: So it's Thursday, right? Well, no—it's Tidbit Thursday! And I'm here to share a tidbit with you! Shall we begin? Yes? OK good!

Last week, while chatting with a friend via Yahoo! Instant Messenger, this very blog post and my lack of ideas for it, came up. Well, said friend let me bounce a few ideas off of her. I'm sure many of them were duds, but she's too nice to say so. Then, I suggested that perhaps I could discuss holiday traditions with you all. And we had a winner! So that's what I'm going to do—discuss holiday traditions. While thinking on the topic, I realized that my family has a decided lack of traditions, and I've decided to change that. That said, I will share with you our existing traditions.

HalloWiikend. This one is new for us from last year. Normally we take our ghoul and goblin to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat activity where fun is had, food is eaten, trunks are tricked out and kids get buzzed on candy. Last year, I was sick. (BOO HISS!) The hubs and I had to come up with something to appease the monst—I mean boys, fast. I mentioned the Wii that we'd purchased a few weeks prior as a family Christmas present, and HalloWiikend was born. This year, to honor the tradition, we'll be buying one family game to add to our collection, and we'll have a HalloWiikend party. Each of the boys will be allowed to have one friend over for pizza and Wii.

Christmas in November! This one tends to blend in with HalloWiikend simply due to timing. I love Christmas ornaments. So do the boys. So, we've started going to Hallmark each year on November 1 to pick out a new ornament for the tree. Last year, the hubs got a Star Trek communicator, Debug picked a penguin ornament, and JP selected a skateboarder. Me? I got this:


What can I say? I love to cook!

And that love of cooking brings me to our final holiday tradition. Normally we travel for Christmas. The last two years we've stayed home due to circumstances beyond our control and a serious lack of desire to deal with holiday travel nightmares. Now, even when we travel, I like to make a really nice breakfast for Christmas morning. Last year I made Croissant French Toast, the recipe is at Darn site won't allow me to direct link! The year prior, I made Christmas Breakfast Casserole. The family loves seeing what I'm going to make, and they really love eating the end result!

So share with me some of your family holiday traditions. What do you and your loved ones do now? What can you make into a tradition for the future? I'd love to hear!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming Sale at Polka Dot Plum

Hi there, digiscrap fans! Today I'm bringing you a very special event–my Homecoming! After some time with my products in multiple places, I’m finally exclusive to Polka Dot Plum. That means all of my products are now in the Polka Dot Plum Store. This week alone, I’m bringing over at least 18 products! I’m so excited to have one digiscrap home that I’m bringing you the first peeks of what’s new in my shop.

That’s right! Even an ad this large couldn’t hold all the new things coming this week. Even better for you is that all of these new products are 30% off for this week only. Your discount will show up when you put the items in your cart.

I really hope you enjoy my little sale, all my new products, and making Polka Dot Plum your favorite stop for all your digiscrapping needs.

Until next time,
Jennifer ♥


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spotlight Sunday

We have a lot of exciting new things planned for our team blog here beginning this October. One of the new things we will be bringing you each week is a Sunday Spotlight! Each week we will spotlight something new! It could be a product, one of our team members, or maybe a fabulous gallery we ran across. It's going to be a lot of fun!

Today as I was trying to decide how to begin our first spolight I ran across some beautiful layouts from of our very own Jennifer. They are just gorgeous! So today I bring you inside Jennifer's gallery for our very first gallery Spotlight Sunday.

I love Jennifer's scrapping style. Her pages are clean looking and yet she gets a lot of pictures on her pages as well as that all important journalling. Her composition on each layout is just amazing and I love how my eye is drawn to the photos on each page and each element compliments her photos and never distracts from them. And of course she has the most adorable kiddos!!!

Here are a few pages from her gallery...


You can visit Jennifer's gallery for more inspiration!! And be sure to leave her some love while you are there!


Friday, October 2, 2009

October Blog Train Freebie!!!

Welcome to my portion of the October Blog Train! I'm super excited to join this HUGE train that features 100 designers!!! This month's theme is Thankful and features great warm colors, super cute elements, and great papers.

Click on the preview or HERE to grab my part of the kit. From here, you should head over to Brandy Designs. If you get lost, you can find a list of ALL participating designers and links to their contributions at the Blog Train Blog. You'll also find a slideshow that reveals each and every part of the kit there. Please be sure to leave some love at each of your stops. Also keep in mind that we are all in different time zones, so be sure to check back if a part seems to be missing.

While you're here, why don't you follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter? You'll get announcements, be the first to hear important news, and even get great coupons and freebies!!! Hope you enjoy and remember to link me up to any LOs featuring my stuff--I'd love to see what you do!

Until next time,

Jennifer ♥


Freebie!!! *** Link Fixed***

Hi ladies! I am excited to bring you this quick page! Now that we have settled into the school routine, I am finding more time to scrap, so I thought I would help you all out and give you a QP to put your cutie in! There are tons of kits out there, but none as cute as Jennifer's kit with Meghan Mullens. Make sure to check out her kits at PDP.

Clicky here for link and make sure to leave lots of ♥♥♥ here for Jen!! :D Have a wonderful October.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Desktop Freebie

Hi there!
Sprauncey1 here with a new computer desktop for October. I wanted to do something fun and funky and as I was browsing through the galleries, I came across a LO by our very own Jennifer Fox and had to lift it! So here's my interpretation using Jennifer's Spooktacular kit at Polka Dot Plum:

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As a creative team member for several digital scrapbook designers, I have received their products for free in return for creating and posting projects (digital layouts, hybrids projects, etc). Many of the layouts you see here were done in conjunction with requirements for these creative teams. Please be advised that the products used were indeed received for free.

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