Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Very Mini Album Using Home Improvement Samples

Hi everyone, Sarah here for another Hybrid Humpday.

I wanted to share this cute little mini album using Jennifer's I've Got a Feeling. The album is tiny (about 1.75" x 2.75") so it'll fit easily into a purse or could even be used as a key ring.

For this album I used counter top samples from a home improvement store. If you're like me you've grabbed a few when you were dreaming of updating your kitchen (yes I still do this even though I's an illness I'm sure). If you have a few of them laying around your house it's so easy to make a cute little album with them (not to mention inexpensive). The first thing I did was measure my samples, then I created mini pages about a quarter of an inch bigger than my samples.

Next I glued my first mini page to one side of the sample. I applied a thin coat of glue all over the front side of the sample and place my paper...a little tip hold the paper and the sample up to a window so you can make sure you're lining it up correctly. I just used regular school glue for this project, but first I sanded the smooth side of the sample with a rough sandpaper so the glue would stick better. Make sure if you do this step to get all the dust off before applying the glue. After letting the glue dry I took an Emery board and used it to "cut" my paper. This works wonders in making sure you have an even edge (you could also use a craft knife but less chance of injury this way).

The next thing I did was take a file (luckily my husband has a set of these that he uses for his hobby) and removed the paper from where the hole in the sample is. Again you should be able to use a craft knife for this step if you don't have a file like this (take a look in your toolbox first never know what cool crafting items you can find there).

After you do this to all your pages, repeat on the opposite side so you have double sided pages. I used a mixture of mini scrapbook pages and just photos to make my book.

Finish it up with a binder ring and some ribbon and look how cute!

If you've been wanting to try hybrid but wasn't sure where to start this is a great little project that doesn't take too much time (I think I spent about an hour and a half total including the computer part of it). If you have any questions please let me know!

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