Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday!!

Its Heather here again with todays post all about savings. Being a single mom of 3, I have to search the sales, know where to look, buy in bulk, etc. When I first started getting into coupons and finding bargains online someone showed me Vickysdeals.com. I love this website. Vicky isn't as active as she used to be but the other girls are. It is broken up into sections so you can find out the best coupon deals all the way to who has an awesome deal on something you didn't realize you just have to have. I also use their search bar to search the store I am fixing to shop at online. I am forever finding dominos, childrens place, or photo codes to use. Another great site if you are looking for baby stuff is Albee Baby. Its an awesome site for all things baby, from strollers to cribs. And the best part, free shipping on items over 100 dollars. I have bought 3 car seats and two strollers from them. Their prices are way less than most other places and customer service is awesome too!!

Do you know where any great deal websites are? Leave us a comment so we can know too!!

Have a great tuesday


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