Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tidbit Tuesday - Phat Straps

Hi everyone!  Trina here with your tidbit Tuesday.  I don't want to shock you, so you better sit down.

Christmas Eve is 4 months from today.

EEK!  I love Christmas and I love trying to find personable gifts for people, but if you don't start early, that's hard to do.  So I have started looking around for Christmas gifts already, and I found something that I want to add to my own Christmas wishlist (I'm sending my dh a link to this post, by the way!).

The website - Phat Straps, provides customizable camera straps (and dog collars!) for both DSLR's and smaller wrist straps for your Point & Shoot camera.  You can get them in all colors and varieties, and you can evern get them embroidered!  The website says they are all handmade and require 6-8 days for production.  My mother-in-law just opened her own photography business after being in a studio for a few years, so I am going to get her one of these with her business name embroidered on it.  For about $30, that's a steal of a deal!  You can also get longer straps, and of course with the minky (soft fuzzy material) backing. 

This is the one I think she'd like - we'll splurge for the minky for her too - it's called Groovy Glamour:

For me, I love this one, called Preppy Argyle

Here are some other great ones - there aer 15 pages, make sure you check out the site to see them all!

So what are you waiting for?  Get some of your Christmas shopping done and provide a personable gift that they'll remember was from you


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