Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tidbit Thursday - Get Organized!

Morning everyone!  So by now I'm hoping you followed my advice on Google Reader (see this post) to make your life a little simpler when it comes to blog reading.  Now I'm going to try and Organize you!  One of the best tools I've found to try and stay organized is Google Calendar.  No, I don't work for Google, I just like having everything in one spot.  I am pretty much always near a computer, and I like the web-based calendar because I can also access it when I don't have my own laptop.

After you log in to Google, click on the Calendar link at the top.   It'll look like this:

You can customize it by Day, Week, Month, etc. across the top.  Down the right side are your tasks - both completed and not (until you clear them).

To add a new Event, just click either on the time you want to schedule the event, or at the top in the box under the date.  This will pop up:

If it's a simple event, just type it in and away you go.  If it's more detailed or recurring, click on 'edit event details' and this box will pop up:

You can set things to recur annually, weekly, monthly, etc.  It's a great way to remember birthdays (and if you see by my Calendar, it was my dad's birthday yesterday).  Click OK on the bottom (not shown on my screenshot) and it'll set up your event!

You can also use Google Calendar for tasks - and I have to tell you this has organized me so much!   I even use Google Calendar for my scrapbooking! No joke! I am on a few CT's and it can get confusing which day to upload new layouts, so as soon as I'm done a page with a kit that's not released yet, I put a task in my Calendar on the day I need to upload it so I don't forget.  I have a good memory, but it's short, so I also sometimes put chores or even grocery lists on there as I remember them.  To add a task, click in the box under the date and click on 'task'.

For my layout purposes, I just put the title of the layout as the task, and the credits in the notes field - so it's all there and handy when I go to post the layout on the day I should.  I also put tasks there when I need to download a kit I purchased so I don't forget (if I don't do it right away).

See, it's even telling me I have to do a blog post for Jennifer Fox today.  Guess I can check that one off now!

So there's a review of a handy little tool to keep you organized!  Don't forget that Jennifer still has her grab bags for sale in her shop - grab them before it's too late!


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