Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday School - Journaling

Happy Saturday, everyone! Terra here with a subject that is close to my heart: journaling. I love to write, but sometimes I have to remind myself how important it is for me to write. I don't write often enough because I let my own fears get in the way. So this year I have decided to try to make personal writing a priority and one of the easiest ways to do that is to focus on journaling on my scrapbooking pages.

The following is a list I put together to help when suffering from writer's block:
  1. Start writing - One of the most important tips that I have found is to simply start writing. You can't write anything without starting. If you find that you are hampered by distractions on the computer, pull out a notebook and write on paper. Whatever you choose, don't let getting started stop you from writing at all.
  2. Don't think about the end result and don't try to be perfect - I am always guilty of this one. I always worry too much about the end result before I have even begun and want to make sure it is perfect the first time. But that is what editing is for. The best writers never end up publishing their first draft.
  3. Write from your heart - Don't censor your writing. Write as if you are writing to your sister or a very close friend. The friendly tone is enjoyable to read and even easier to write.
  4. Use a prompt - There are some great scrapbooking prompts on the Internet and in books. Choose one and start from there.
  5. Write to someone - Make your story personal and write to someone. I choose to write to my son on many of my layouts so that he can read them when he gets older.
  6. Use lists - If all else fails, use a list to convey your message. Some of my favorite layouts in the galleries are ones with journaled lists.
  7. Tell a story - Everyone has a story to tell. Write yours down for future generations to read.
  8. Have fun and don't stress - This is easier said than done, but writing should be enjoyable and should relieve stress - not cause it!
Have fun journaling!

Are you interested in a specific topic for an upcoming Saturday School post? Let us know in the comments.


Photographing Mom January 15, 2011 at 10:26 AM  

Great suggestions!!! Thank you!

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