Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday! Brrrrr....

Can you believe we are almost in the middle of January already!?!  Wow!  The years always seem to fly by, but I always notice it in December!  LOL!  It's Jenn (jk703) here to share some tidbits for you this cold and possibly snowy Tuesday!  

It is so COLD out... I'm in New Jersey, and we are going to get another 6-10 inches of snow again tonight!  O Boy!  Snow day at school with a bit of snow sledding... here we come!  Waaa Hoooo!  

Besides playing in the snow -  snow and ice can make me really nervous!  I'm usually ok, but we've gotten a lot of snow this winter so far, and the last storm dumped 20+ inches!  So, when it is over a foot, I'm a little bit of a nervous nellie - especially driving in it!  To make myself feel better, I keep a small kit in my car for all emergencies, but in the winter season, there are a few specific items that stay in my car! 

Snow Brush and Ice Scraper -- I have to be able to clean my car, and wipe the snow off the windows.  There are actually 2 in my car, lol!  I keep a short one, as well as a long one to reach farther. 

Windshield Washer Fluid -- Look for fluid that is listed as a de-icer and won't freeze when it gets really cold!  I have the RainX version that doesn't freeze up to -25 degrees!  Brrrr! During the winter, it seems like I use a lot more windshield washer fluid than any other time, so I keep a full container. 

Flashlight/Batteries -- If the battery in the car dies, I think I'd like to be able to see what is going on!  Plus, in winter time, the days start to get darker much earlier.  

Food and Water -- If I am stuck somewhere, having granola bars, nuts or cereal and water will make the whole situation less stressful!  I should put some chocolate in there too!  Gatorade is a nice addition to that water as well. 

Blankets -- To keep warm inside the car. Just in case... a blanket can also be thrown under a tire to provide a little added traction - it might just get you un-stuck!  

Extra clothing -- Additional layers for warmth, as well as dry clothes if my others are wet. Every winter, I go through my closet and pick out things I won't wear anymore.  Those are the clothes that go in the car. 

Jumper Cables -- In case I need to re-start the engine. 

First Aid Kit -- Just in case there are any medical problems or minor injuries if we were stuck. 

Flares/Reflective Sign -- To provide a way for others to possibly see you!  Reflective signs and flares will allow people to locate you faster!

Diapers and Wipes -- I have small kids, so these are a must.  I don't leave home with out extra diapers, so leaving them in the car is easy!  

A great site to visit to learn more about being prepared is the American Red Cross -- Click here to check out all the Preparedness Information that they have!

Now... I'm off to get a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream!  YUM!  Have a safe winter!


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