Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photography Tips!~

Angie here....I am a little late with today's blog post, but better late than never!!! I wanted to share a few tips for taking some fun summer photos~

1. don't take photos in full sun...usually your subject is squinting and the sun is so harsh one side of your subjects face is completely white and one side completely dark
2. try to shoot on ISO 100/200 or 400 for full sun
3. the best time of day is to shoot early morning or late afternoon where you can get fabulous sunlight
4. concentrate your focus on your subjects EYES :)
5. for subjects running through a sprinkler or splashing in a pool use a higher shutter speed of 500 or more....this keeps your subject in focus!
6. don't be afraid to ZOOM in and have your subject's face fill the whole frame! some of these are the best shots I have ever taken!
7. if your camera tries to trigger the flash, turn it off and if you have to use a tripod~
8. find shade and just start shooting until you find just the right spot of light~
9. remember to play play and play with your camera....there is ALWAYS the DELETE button!
10. and ALWAYS try to have a spare battery/batteries, memory card and cleaning cloth handy :)

look at the examples below that I took today of my girls...the sun was VERY harsh it was around noon time so I found a nice shady spot and just started shooting...then I moved in closer! and then I just love that they like to get don't worry about everybody looking at the camera, just shoot them in their natural setting, you will be amazed at what you get :)


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